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Nanci Griffith Opens the Fall Season at KCD Theater, Louisville, Kentucky

KCD Theater opened its fall season with Nanci Griffith last night accompanied by  Pat McInerney, Pete Kennedy, and Maura Kennedy. Headmaster Brad Lyman introduced the act and stood back to enjoy the show. Nanci performed before a sold-out audience of … Continue reading

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Looking to compare streaming services

MUSIC SMASHER is a pretty cool little web tool developed by Matt Montag that allows you to query the database of popular music services.  Spotify, Rdio, Grooveshark, and Napster are available for smashing.  Rapsidy and Bandcamp may be coming soon.  … Continue reading

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Purists Gone Wild

This is a pretty interesting perspective on the parallels from the political environment that preceded Prohibition to today’s environment Purists Gone Wild: Prohibition, Revisited? – The “other” parallel from the dry years concerns personal liberties. With the 18th Amendment, … Continue reading

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