Christmas on Pike Street – 1950’s

This is the first 6:48 of the Cooper Family Video Series. This footage was shot sometime in the 1950’s at the family home on Pike Street, Crawfordsville, Indiana. If you are able to identify other family names, please leave a comment so we will all know.

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2 Responses to Christmas on Pike Street – 1950’s

  1. Cindi Cooper Snipes says:

    Awesome! This includes Mom, Dad Cooper, Steve, me, Mom and Grandad Tinsley, Grandma and Grandpa Cooper, Uncle Kermit and Aunt Ileen Cooper, Aunt June, Uncle Bud, Linda, and Danny, and Aunt Ruth. There was also Eileen and Charlie Cantwell and Debby. It looked like about Christmas of 1957. Wouldn't Dad have been proud to see his movies made into the new form of media! Thank you!

  2. Ben Snipes says:

    These videos are awesome! I can't wait to see more:) You guys used to be cute…

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