White Eagle Resort Webcam

White Eagle Webcam

If you click on the link above, you can watch the action at the White Eagle Resort on Lake Vermilion in Minnesota. Sam and I will be there on a fishing trip in a little less than two weeks.   This is the Resort Webcam that will give you an idea of the conditions on the bay where we will be staying. The weather looks pretty good tonight.

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The New Rega P5

Listening to vinyl on the Rega P5 has been a major improvement over my old (and inherited) ADC Accutrac 5000.  Whatever I gave up in convenience with this new deck, I appreciably improved in sonic quality.  Granted a new turntable required some new vinyl purchases, but old records simply sound better and new records sound  great; in fact they occasionally border on stunning.  Sound comes from places in the room that I have never noticed before.  True audiophiles call that imaging or an expanded sound field.  I am not sure of the term, but I have experienced the pleasure on more than a few albums.  If there is a break-in period with a new turntable, as some people claim, the experience should only get better.

Why listen to vinyl when CD’s sound just fine?  I have had more than a few of my friends and family question me on the desire to spend a small fortune on what they consider  “outdated” technology.

First of all, I am a pack rat; and unlike many of my contemporaries, I saved and protected my record collection from the 70’s and 80’s, so I have a good collection of music that I don’t own on CD.  Second, new vinyl records sound really, really good.  It is undoubtedly personal preference and a bit of nostalgia, but vinyl is more warm and natural sounding.  CD’s are admittedly clean and precise, but not as musically inviting like a true analogue recording.   Finally, I like to listen to music.  Selecting, handling, and preening vinyl records is part of the listening experience that I really enjoy.  I can put on a CD and be asleep on the couch before it is done.  Records keep you on your toes thinking about the next side that you are going to play.

This post started with a discussion of the Rega P5 and really turned into a justification for listening to vinyl records.   Whatever else……. you might think, I never stopped listening to records, but I am not sure that I fully appreciated how good they could sound until the Rega came into my living room.

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Perry Meridian may be a “Sleeper” with Sectional Draw

Kyle Neddenriep, Indianapolis Star prep basketball reporter, identified Perry Meridian as a sleeper team in Sectional 11.  The Falcons had a good draw with an opening round game against Greenwood, an opponent they beat earlier in the season.  If they are able to get by Greenwood in the opener, the Falcons would likely face top-ranked Center Grove in the semi-final round of the tournament.  Center Grove is a very good team, but Perry played them tough earlier in the season.

On the other side of the bracket, Franklin Central looks to have a good chance to get to the sectional final.  FC has played well all season, they are well coached, and don’t make many mistakes.  Playing at home, they will be very difficult to beat.

IndyStar.com | Taking a closer look at the sectional draw | High school sports blog | The Indianapolis Star.

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Senior Night at Perry Meridian

Pre Game Festivities

Introductions with Senior Parents before the final home game

Senior Night at Perry Meridian.  The boys played a good game against Bloomington South who is one of the top ranked teams in the state.  The game was tied until late in the fourth quarter when a the Falcons missed a couple of baskets and turned the ball over.  Otherwise, it was  a great effort against a very talented opponent.  Bloomington South has two players that have already committed to Division I basketball programs and will likely have more.

In any event, it was a fun game to watch.  The sectional  draw is tonight.  With one more game against Arsenal Tech, the Falcons will face another Division I recruit in Tre Lyles who has committed to Indiana University as a high school freshman.

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Sieber Wedding Reception

This video was shot in the backyard of 602 Sugar Tree Road during Linda and Will’s wedding reception. There was about 6 minutes of actual footage, but most of it was unfortunately overexposed to the point that I couldn’t make out who was being filmed. There are some good shots that survived. I hope you enjoy this one.

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Perry Meridian Basketball Senior Night Video

The Perry Meridian High School basketball video. Sam Cooper is the tall one that sinks the basket from half court over his head.

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Christmas on Pike Street – 1950’s

This is the first 6:48 of the Cooper Family Video Series. This footage was shot sometime in the 1950’s at the family home on Pike Street, Crawfordsville, Indiana. If you are able to identify other family names, please leave a comment so we will all know.

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Visiting Pike Street

Here is another installment of the Cooper Home Video series from the 1950’s.

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