Big World – Big Garage

Have you ever been uncertain about the floor you parked on in a parking garage?  If not, you either don’t park in a parking garage very often, or have an assigned space.  So what does this have to do with anything?  I am not sure, but the other day when I was balking at the elevator door in my parking garage and was obviously uncertain about the location of my car, the guy in the elevator says, “Big World – Big Garage”.  What could that comment possibly mean?  Was I being heckled in the elevator of the parking garage that I use every day or did I miss that pithy quote in a famous movie.  As I hesitated exiting the elevator longer than I would have had the guy kept his mouth shut, all I could think to say as I walked away was “Thanks for that”.

Seriously…Big World – Big Garage….did this guy just have to say something?  Wouldn’t “good luck” be more encouraging and helpful?  I don’t want to seem overly sensitive, but I still wonder what the message was supposed to be.  I guess I will never know, but I may make a t-shirt…..Big World – Big Garage……would you buy??

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