More Computers than I need – what to do?

I find myself with more computers than I need and no real plan to deal with the mess.  Yes, it is a mess.  Pictures, files and music are strewn across no less than 5 machines.  I disposed of two earlier this summer, but one was so old that it wouldn’t boot without a DOS disk – so that hardly qualifies as much of a sacrifice.  Each machine represents a stage in my life, and I find it increasingly difficult to consolidate and part with the aging pieces of my technological life.  I’ve considered a network storage system, but that involves buying more equipment.  Maybe I will send it all to a cloud storage system, but that requires research to make sure I choose the right one.  Right now, I am typing on a Mac Mini and updating a behemoth Windows 7 machine that I built from scratch.  Shortly they will all be up to date and functioning fine – it seems a waste to dispose of perfectly good machines – don’t you think?  I have actually been actively considering building a new computer – one that will presumably allow me to consolidate everything into one place and allow me to shed the “unneeded” hardware.  Since that actually makes less sense than a network storage device or cloud storage, it is likely not going to happen despite the appeal of building a new device from the ground up.  What do you think – Network Storage or the Cloud and what is the best option?

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